Drilling Pipes

Pipeconnex, as a quality PVC Pipe Supplier, offer a range of PVC pipe to suit the drilling industry including PVC pressure pipe and fittings, solvent cements, and other PVC pipe items that may be used in the drilling process.

Pressure pipes are often used in the drilling industry to construct water bore wells. These PVC pipes are manufactured to AS/NZS 1477. These pipes are often solvent weld jointed, but can be manufactured with one end male threaded and the other end female threaded. Depending on the required depth customers can nominate their requirement. These types of PVC pipes are suitable for domestic, irrigation, industrial, public and mining wells.

Slotted pipes and screens may be used for casing in ground water sections to allow water to enter inside the wells. These pipes may also be used to provide soak-ways for stormwater infiltration.

– Screens are an effective way of recharging ground water
– Used to improve groundwater levels and availability.
– Used to conserve surface water run off during extreme rainwater condition
– Can be used to reduce the volume of discharge into existing main sewer systems and water courses.

PVC is a better alternative to conventional steel pipes in most instances. It is more cost effective and does not suffer from damage caused due to corrosion and encrustation. The pipe material is non-toxic and hence does not impart any taste odour or colour or release any harmful substances to water from the well.

  • Poly pipes are also available for pumps.
  • Couplings and end caps are also available.

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