PVC pipe supplier

Formed in Melbourne in 2004, Pipeconnex pride themselves as a quality PVC pipe supplier and have developed a wide range of products tailored to the requirements of our customers in a number of industries across Melbourne and Australia. We supply plumbing, civil, electrical, irrigation, compressed air, ducted vacuum, drilling, swimming pools, and heating and cooling pipes and fittings.

Pipeconnex aim to be the best PVC pipe supplier, therefore the team is committed to the innovation of its products and services as it grows to become a major player in the plastic pipe industry. The Pipeconnex distribution centre is accredited to ISO (9001) quality management system. Our products are certified to their respective Australian standards under schemes such as Watermark.

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As Melbourne’s leading PVC pipe suppliers we supply a large range of PVC pipes to a number of industries. Pipeconnex has supplied numerous projects internationally and has the capabilities to distribute many products into overseas markets.

As a PVC pipe supplier we distribute products such as:

  • Drainage Waste and Vent Pipes as per AS/NZS 1260
  • Stormwater Pipes as per AS/NZS 1254
  • Pressure Pipes as per AS/NZS 1477
  • Electrical Conduits as per AS/NZS 2053
  • Communications Conduits as per AS/NZS 2053:2

Due to the nature of being a quality PVC pipe supplier, we understand customer’s needs when it comes to building and installations, civil construction and infrastructure, or above or underground applications. This gives us the ability to cater to requirements and deliver results.

Being a PVC pipe supplier we can offer custom made solutions where there is large volume requirements for special projects or to meet an on-going requirement. For more information contact us.

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